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The MASTER DAPT trial is and how it applies to short DAPT.




The MASTER DAPT trial is different to other clinical studies on short DAPT?




A short DAPT protocol fits with established guidelines?

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Message from Dr.Jagdish S. Hiremath




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Expert's interview about the MASTER DAPT Trial


Through this video, you can... 
・Address key concerns surrounding HBR DAPT management 
・Draw clarity and confidence from clinical evidence on short DAPT 
・Gain practical advice on DAPT practice change from expert


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Summary for optimal DAPT protocol

A summary of the interview can be simple to confirm. 

You can download it in full here.


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Sub-analysis: Complex PCI

Read the latest results from the MASTER DAPT Complex PCI sub-analysis.


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Sub-analysis: OAC

Read the summary report for the MASTER DAPT OAC sub-analysis result. 


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Summary of main trial 

Read the summary report of the MASTER DAPT main trial result.  


Product Characteristics

Our Ultimaster™ stent, used in the MASTER DAPT trial, has three innovative features which help support a short DAPT strategy.


1. Stent Flexibility

Flexible 80μm Cocr platform with optimal conformability to reduce mechanical stress on the vessel wall.


2. Gradient Coating Technology

Elastic gradient PDLLA-PCL short term polymer exposure mirrors biological response, promoting rapid vascular repair within 3-4 months.


3. Abluminal Coating Technology & Drug

Silorimus: Most proven drug on stents. Drug release matches biological response targeted abluminal drug delivery. Low Nominal drug dose: 3.9μg/mm or 0.7μg/mm2



Ultimaster NagomiTM

The Ultimaster Nagomi™ is the latest generation of the Ultimaster™ DES family, bringing excellent deliverability, larger size line-up and an even greateroverexpansion capability.


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Comprehensive range of clinical solution training to improve the patient experience

Terumo India offers a series of Live interactive and recorded webinars from therapy leaders and expert operators. Experience advances in procedural training, precision tools optimising your patient’s outcome and educational resources from the expert faculty with Terumo India Skill Lab through interactive & informative online .


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MASTER DAPT trial is sponsored by the European Cardiovascular Research Institute (ECRI, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and supported with a restricted research grant by Terumo Europe. The study is managed by global CROs and data management group (CERC, Paris, France, Cardialysis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, CV quest. Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan and CTU, Bern, Switzerland).