Navigate the complexities of every procedure for optimal outcomes for/with every patient​​

​​You can tackle any procedure with ease, adapting and conforming to the length and contours of vessels. Even in the most challenging anatomy, smooth trackability and reliable overexpansion allow for excellent maneuverability. Ultimaster Nagomi provides the versatility and flexibility you need to deliver the best possible results.1-3

As the newest solution in the Ultimaster™ product range — now with the largest size line-up — we build on its clinical legacy and expertise, adding a new level of innovation to your practice.1-3

Go anywhere with Ultimaster Nagomi™.

​​Improved Stent Design4,5

  • 3 platforms specifically designed to meet the needs of each vessel size4,5
  • Strut & band width shortened to help increase flexibility (for Ø2.00mm to Ø2.50mm stents)4-6
  • New 10-crown design in the large vessel :

    • to ensure better apposition even in large bifurcations, including left main trunk4,5,7

    • allows a better expansion capability with a uniform vessel coverage compared to an 8-crown design4,5,8,9           

Ultimaster Nagomi™ product stent design (image)

​​Larger Size Line-up11

  • The largest size line-up in the Ultimaster Family, from Φ2.00 to Φ4.50mm and 9 to 50mm length to treat a broader range of lesions4,5,8
  • New 44 & 50m lengths, for optimal sizing in long lesions4,5


Ultimaster Nagomi™ product size line-up (image)

​​Greater Overexpansion Capability11

  • 10-crown design for a better expansion in large vessels4,5,8
  • Optimized overexpansion capability, up to 6.25 mm (for Ø3.50mm to Ø4.50mm stents)8    
Ultimaster Nagomi™ product overexpansion capability (image)

Excellent Deliverability11

  • New hydrophilic coating for enhanced deliverability10,11
  • New balloon with a nominal pressure of 11 atm for a better apposition7,12
  • Increased catheter inner lumen for fast deflation time13,14          
Ultimaster Nagomi™ product excelent deliverability (image)

​​Inherited Drug and Polymer

​​Inherited abluminal gradient bioresorbable coating to maintain polymer integrity even when overexpanded, allowing for an optimized drug dose of sirolimus (3.9 μg/mm of stent)4,5,15,16, simultaneous polymer resorption and drug release within 3-4 months

Ultimaster Nagomi™ product enlarged view (image)

Ultimaster Nagomi™ is building on the Heritage of Strong Clinical Evidence of the Ultimaster™ Stent Family22

Clinical evidence of Ultimaster Nagomi™ product stent family (image)


General Specifications

Stent specifications

Stent designOpen cell
Stent materialCobalt Chromium L605
Stent thickness80 μm
Drug dose3.9 μg/mm stent length
PolymerPoly (DL-lactide-co-caprolactone)
Drug coatingAbluminal & gradient
Polymer degradation time and drug release3-4 months


Explanation about specification of Ultimaster Nagomi™ product (image)


Delivery system specifications

Guidewire compatibility0.014’’ (0.36 mm)
Nominal pressure11atm
Rated burst pressure16 atm
Entry profile0.018’’ (0.45 mm)
CoatingHydrophilic – Distal shaft
Minimum guide catheterMinimum guide catheter    
5 Fr for Ø 2.00 – Ø 4.00 mm (0.056’’/1.42 mm)    
6 Fr for Ø 4.50 mm (0.071’’/1.80 mm)​    
Usable length    144 cm


Explanation about delivery system specification of Ultimaster Nagomi™ product (image)

Item specifications