About us (image)
About us (image)

Terumo Interventional Systems:
Pioneering Interventional Solutions

At Terumo Interventional Systems, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of interventional medicine and improving quality of life for patients.

About Us

Terumo Interventional Systems (TIS) offers diagnostic and therapeutic catheter products used to treat illnesses in areas such as the coronary and the peripheral artery, in the field of vascular intervention; and chemotherapy administered by catheter to the liver, in the field of interventional oncology. Through these products, the TIS contributes to better treatment outcomes and quality of life for patients and helps healthcare professionals perform at the highest levels of their capabilities.

The business has also promoted the Transradial Intervention (TRI), which accesses blood vessels from the radial artery, which can reduce patient burden compared to other access sites. Previously, TRI was used primarily for the coronary intervention, but in recent years TIS has worked to develop optimal products for using TRI in peripheral and oncological areas as well, contributing to the advancement of interventional treatment.