Cardiology - Theraputic Lesion Access (TLA) (image)

TLA (Therapeutic Lesion Access)
Interventional Cardiology

We support successful PCI procedures with a range of high-quality and reliable therapeutic lesion access devices.
- PTCA Guiding Catheter -

Designed for safety
Soft tip to reduce damage to the vessel wall
- PTCA guidewire -

Designed to be your first-choice coronary guidewire
- Coronary Micro Catheter -

Designed for low crossing profile, but large inner lumen
- PTCA Semi-compliant balloon -

New standards in deliverability for Terumo
- PTCA Non-compliant balloon -

Best-in-class for accuracy and force among Terumo NC balloons

- Aspiration Catheter -

A fast and simple solution for
effective thrombus aspiration