Cardiology - Theraputic Lesion Access (TLA) (image)

TLA - Interventional Cardiology

We support successful PCI procedures with a range of high-quality and reliable therapeutic lesion access devices.

Runthorough™ NS Extra Floppy

Runghrough product (image)

A guidewire design that enables PCI optimization

With features that are focused on “simple PCI” from the development stage
Runghrough structure (image)

Bench test data

Nitinol core-to-tip design for excellent tip durability*
This feature enables a single Runthrough™ wire to be used for multiple vessels potentially reducing a facility's wire usage, saving both time and money.
(*Data on file at Terumo Corporation)
Class-leading flexibility in a workhorse wire*
For safe passage that makes routine PCIs simpler.
(*Data on file at Terumo Corporation)
Nitinol core-to-tip design for excellent tip durability*
The directly jointed stainless steel and nitinol shaft provides a superior torque transmission.
(*Data on file at Terumo Corporation)

It makes my day-to-day PCI easier. That's astounding.

Professor Takashi Akasaka photo (image)

Takashi Akasaka

Emeritus Professor, Wakayama Medical University Terumo TIS Medical Adviser
As an interventionist, controlling the PTCA guidewire is one of my toughest tasks. But I was astounded to see that even young physicians could easily cross difficult lesions when they used the RUNTHROUGH. My daily clinical practice is mostly normal PCI that is not complex, so this workhorse wire will be very useful for me.