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D. N. A. Solution
D. N. A. Solution, the combined use of Terumo’s endovascular access devices, Destination™ guiding sheath, NaviCross™ support catheter, and Glidewire Advantage™ guidewire, will improve the performance of telescoping technique and reduce the need for multiple device exchanges, minimizing physician’s stress.

For better access and crossing in peripheral intervention.


Our lineup of therapeutic lesion access devices for peripheral intervention

D. N. A. Solution realizes simple and effective procedures for better peripheral therapeutic lesion access


D.N.A. product lineup

Catalogs for all D.N.A products can be downloaded from the link below.


DNA product catalogue

D.N.A. Solutions

Simplify procedure of peripheral lesion access. 


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For better lesion crossing: Telescoping Technique

Do you know Telescoping technique?

Telescoping technique provides increased support and pushability through the combined use of different sized catheters.

Telescoping technique with combined use of D.N.A. increased device support and pushability, which may provide better crossability even in complex anatomy.


Our D.N.A. combination provides improved crossability

Two Telescoping Techniques


Did you know that there are two Telescoping techniques for vascular interventions? Our D.N.A solution allows for a combination of devices to suit various lesions, ensuring optimal support for your procedural outcomes.  


Choose Destination with 0.035" Navicross for SFA procedures, and Destination with 0.035” NaviCross and 0.018” NaviCross for BTK interventions.


two telescoping technique



Optimizing iliac & SFA interventions with 0.035" Navicross™


For iliac and SFA interventions, combining Destination with 0.035" Navicross provides effective backup support. The 0.035" Navicross also features a tapered tip to facilitate smooth navigation and superior crossability even in complex lesions. *1 



Optimizing BTK interventions with 0.035" and 0.018" Navicross™ 


0.018" Navicross is designed to telescope with 0.035" Navicross, supporting guidewire navigation in narrow complex lesions such as BTK and severe stenosis. As with 0.035", the 0.018" features a tapered tip for enhanced navigation and crossability. *1  


Crossability tests measured how far the tip of the Guidewire or Support Catheter advanced when they were pushed 30 mm from the proximal end.



Clinical Experience


Prof. Blessing (Fempop session) - Terumo at CIRSE 2020

Dr. Stavroulakis (BTK session) - Terumo at CIRSE

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