Interventional Oncology - Theraputic Lesion Access (TLA) (image)
Interventional Oncology - Theraputic Lesion Access (TLA) (image)

TLA (Therapeutic Lesion Access)
Interventional Oncology

Our wide-ranging product lineup supports consistent and effective therapeutic lesion access in interventional oncology.


Since first being sold in Japan in 2000, Terumo’s Progreat™ now supports physicians and patients around the world.
Progreat product (image)
Ease of Use
Coaxial system
Terumo's coaxial system allows fast and smooth procedures through wire integration and easy microcatheter preparation.
Kink Resistance
Tungsten spiral coil & three layer structure
The tungsten spiral coil in its three layer structure protects inner lumen integrity for smooth delivery of all types of embolic materials.2
Distal Flexibility
Mcoat™ & varied coil pitch
The varied pitch of the tungsten coil with Terumo's hydrophilic coating provides flexibility thus notably increasing its distal selectivity in tortuous and narrow vessels.2
Product line up
Wide range of diameters
Progreat™ comes in a range of diameters (2.8 Fr, 2.7 Fr, 2.4 Fr, 2.0 Fr) to better serve you and your patients. We also offer preloaded 2.4 Fr systems for greater selectivity and simpler preparation.



Progreat λ™

Master Ultra Branch Selectivity
Progreat λ product (image)



RADIFOCUS™ Guide Wire GT with gold coil

RADIFOCUS™ Guide Wire GT is Terumo’s solution for access and navigation in peripheral procedures. It is indicated for use in distal catheterization, selective, and superselective embolization in small, distal, angular, and sensitive peripheral vasculature.

  • Small diameters and distal pre-shaped curves for superselective access in distal and tortuous vessels.
  • The tapered tip is designed to be highly flexible for atraumatic and controlled navigation through vessels.
RADIFOCUS™ Guide Wire GT with gold coil (image)
Embolize with Reliability


Terumo Interventional Oncology Division presents Occlusafe™, an occlusive micro-balloon.

Through Pressure Gradient Effect, Occlusafe™ as micro-balloon catheter, offers the ability to redistribute blood flow and access the microcirculation, leading to an increased accumulation of therapeutics into the target lesion with minimal off-target embolization. This may be associated with improved clinical outcomes in challenging lesions.3

Occlusafe™ Product Introduction