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"What are the procedural benefits of Glidesheath Slender?"



What are the procedural benefits of Glidesheath Slender?

Chiung-Jen Wu:Right now, Glidesheath Slender, we can quite comfortably—even patients, and also the physician, we can use that routinely in our very complex procedures.


Munenori Okubo:Since we started using Glidesheath Slender, the use of femoral punctures has decreased considerably. With the 7Fr, we can use up to 2mm rotablator, and can access using a Diamondback with 6Fr sheath without any problems at all. Patients can feel assured about receiving treatment from radial. I would say the fact that we are not puncturing from femoral is a major benefit on its own.


James Nolan:In terms of the utility of smaller caliber guiding catheters, so the Glidesheath Slender allows doctors to use larger diameter systems while simultaneously minimizing vascular trauma and in that way it increases the utility of the procedure.


Makoto Hyodo:The main benefit for us from 7Fr via femoral to 7Fr via radial is easier post-surgery management. Before, we had to remove the sheath post-surgery by manual pressure, but now we can easily remove it from the radial with a hemostatic device. This is a huge advantage for post-surgery management.


Chun-Yuan Chu:We are using 1Fr reduced sized Glidesheath which can give patients more comfort and more safely because we can use a large catheter while transradial approach without using our traditional transfemoral route. And I think that for the hydrophilic coating of the Glidesheath Slender, it will give patients a more comfortable sensation because the hydrophilic coating would not trauma the radial artery. And also, the integrity of this Glidesheath is very compact, so it would not give any trauma during the transradial access.


Shigeru Saito:The main benefit is its excellent design, which makes it easy to insert even into tough skin. This, in turn, reduces the patient's discomfort.


Motomaru Masutani :GSS is easier to insert, making the procedure smoother for us, and reducing stress when there's resistance from the blood vessels.


Takashi Matsukage:I feel that bleeding complications have been significantly reduced. Now when we want to use a 7Fr guiding catheter, it’s more common to go via radial, and with the Glidesheath Slender 7Fr, an outer diameter of 6Fr offers a clear advantage.


Hiroyuki Tanaka:One of the advantages of Glidesheath is we can use large-size guide catheters for patients with small vessels. This enables various procedures from radial and distal radial, which offers many benefits.

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