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"What is your favorite feature of Glidesheath Slender? "



What is your favorite feature of Glidesheath Slender?

Edvard Skripochnik MD:I do use it every time actually. I think it is very consistent. It takes all of the turns that you need it to turn. I like that when you give it to wipe down before going in, it is very smooth going in and the patient is, for the most part, very comfortable, and it is an easy push.

Tsuyoshi Isawa,MD:The coating is excellent and there is less chance of puncture affected by spasms. The sheath’s small overall diameter means that the post-surgery radial artery occlusion is relatively low. Even if we perform procedures from the radial artery multiple times, we can preserve the radial without occlusion, and I really like that.

Todd Peebles,MD:The transition between the introducer and the sheath itself is perfect and seamless. It goes in without a struggle virtually every time.

Takashi Matsukage,MD:I believe the biggest advantage is its slender outer diameter. Even though it has a slim profile, you can use it in the same way as a regular-sized guiding catheter.

Katrine A. Zhiroff,MD:I like the resistance to fracture. Even if it kinks, you straighten it with a wire, and it is reliable. You don’t have to worry about it being damaged.

Hiroyuki Tanaka,MD:When it comes to GSS's characteristics, its lubricious coating is definitely a benefit. For patients, it means less discomfort when inserting the sheath, and for practitioners the superior lubricity makes insertion easier. From that perspective, the GSS is a very versatile device.

James Nolan,MD :The major benefit is the fact that the thin wall allows downsizing, but it's also a system that's optimized for radial access in the, you know, it has a nice lubricious coating. It's easy to insert and withdraw, and it comes with a nicely tapered introducer system. So it is optimized for radial access.

Munenori Okubo,MD:The smooth sheath to dilator connection and Terumo’s coating are both impressive. I’m also impressed by how smooth and precise the blood vessel insertion is. Regarding resistance, the hydrophilic coating helps to lubricate the sheath, bringing advantages to the patient.

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