How to TRY TRI

Catheter Insertion Angiography & Intervention

Expected Concern
・Longer procedure time (Ex. Total ischemic time for STEMI)
・Higher contrast volume and longer fluoroscopy time
・Spasm due to catheterization
Solutions for Simple and Secure Procedure

With bilateral catheters

Save complication
- Save contrast volume1
- Shorten fluoroscopy time1.2
- Reduce spasm rate1,2
Save time
-Shorten procedure time2
Save cost
- One catheter for both RCA&LCA with less cost             
Ex) Angiography: 149 vs.171€, pp<0.0011

Save complication
- Reduce spasm rage3
Save time
- Shorten door to balloon time for STEMI
Ex) 68±46 vs. 74±50 min, p =0.02; conventional vs. single catheter4
How to Manipulate Bilateral Angiographic Catheters

TRI Catheterization - How to use TIG catheter -

Practicing maneuver of coronary angiographic catheter TIG shape using vessel model 

TRI Catheterization - How to use Jacky catheter -

Practicing maneuver of coronary angiographic catheter Jacky shape using vessel model

Tips & Tricks

Bilateral catheter manipulation with ease

Clock to the right, counter to the left


Ikari Left Manipulation for Intervention